Peter Matthies

Our current Model of Success isn’t  designed to make us happy.

To thrive in our changing world, we must upgrade to a new Model.

Expand into who You’re here to BE.

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Based on the Conscious Business Institute insights.

“The most life-changing experience of my adult life” — VP, Intel Corp. 


About Plan BE

Our existing way to work and succeed is reaching a limit. Stress & burnout are skyrocketing. Millions of people are disengaged, ready to quit their jobs – if they just knew how to create a living in a more fulfilling and purposeful way.

With uncertainty, volatility and pressure increasing, there’s no improvement in sight.

Despite our efforts to create a more balanced & wholesome way to live – from taking yoga retreats to booking vacations – we return to the same routine of work on Monday morning. There’s a deeper issue at play, which prevents us from creating the life we desire.

What’s needed is a new paradigm to work and live; a new model of success that can fulfill our deeper desires as individuals, grow organizations where people want to give their best, and create a world that works for all.

We need a new model of success that allows us to expand into who we’re here to BE.

We need a Plan BE.


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Who You're Here To BE

Our school system doesn’t encourage us to explore our authentic personality. Decades later, how can we re-discover who we’re here to BE?

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Plan BE Introduction

Get an idea what the book is about and how it can help you fall in love with life again – at home and at work.  

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What Others Say About Plan BE

Love from Readers

Christel Reynaerts
Former CEO BMW Financial Services Belgium & CEO Alphabet Netherlands & Belgium

"This is an essential, very important guide. It gives us key insights into why our traditional but outdated success model doesn’t work anymore, leaving people feeling empty, exhausted and lost.
Plan BE provides a new, intuitive model for success which allows us to heal, tap into our wisdom, connect deeply with ourselves and others and gives us the courage and the strength to show up authentically. Peter shows us how we can travel from our mind to our heart and how we can follow our own path into our essence, our true authentic power, bringing meaning, fulfillment and joy. This book is a gem!"

Paul Polman
Business leader, co-author of Net Positive: How courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take

“At a time when so many of our systems are in need of deep, far-reaching reform, Peter reminds us that all systems and organizational change starts with human change. Plan BE is a rallying cry for personal authenticity and a pathway to true success.”

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Europe’s Female Investor 2019. Member Club of Rome. Fellow World Academy of Art and Science. Author Integral Investing: From Profit to Prosperity.

"Many of us have realized by now that our current success model has become a recipe for failure, but few know how to change it, let alone lead in the right direction. Peter Matthies is one of the few. I have had the privilege to know Peter for two decades now and he was one of the first of my friends to show how-to live-in FLOW.
In Plan BE, he has finally decided to share his secrets with all of us who want to break old patterns and take the next practical steps toward a more wholesome life, both privately and professionally. This book is a rare gift because it demonstrates how to claim your authentic power and identify the hidden mechanisms of your subconscious programming that hold you back from living a fulfilling life.
As a former entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and corporate consultant, Peter knows firsthand what success means, and he knows what it means to be rich and famous. Yet, he also knows how fleeting they are too, and why they do not bring the expected joy and happiness. Thus, the book title Plan BE. It contains the secret to a life well lived. A must read”

Carlos Sarmiento
Director Diversity & Inclusion, SLB

“Plan BE is one of the most impactful books for people in every corner in the world who want real positive change, overcome struggle, and reach balance for the planet. I have witnessed myself the outstanding results Plan BE can bring in a corporation, enjoying the sense of flow and creating an environment where people enjoy working together in an authentic and trustful environment. Engagement, collaboration, creativity, innovation and ultimate financial success happen flawlessly.”

Dr. Mirjam Storim
Head of Innovation Strategy & Strategic Value Creation, BMW Group

“The phrase ‘you're not a human doing but a human being’ woke me up. The discussions I had with Peter, and the concept that now is key of this book, reminded me not working in actionism but instead reconnecting me to a greater good of my job. I refocused on my strengths, remembered who I am and the higher purpose I was striving for when I took on my leadership role. The new success model in this book puts it into a simple formula.”

Ravi Chaudhry
Former Chairman Tata Group Companies. Author “Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality”

"Plan BE is an exceptional book that reveals a path to transport you from wherever you may be, to BE the best of you. It outlines a New Operating System for life – aligning your life with your purpose and inner calling, being fully present in each living moment.
An amazing book, based on the author’s lifelong reflections and his passion to make every individual achieve their highest potential, while making it naturally easy to lead with authenticity, and live with a sense of perpetual satisfaction and fulfillment."

Pamala Oslie
Best-selling author: Life Colors, Infinite You & Make Your Dreams Come True

"If you’ve ever felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed, and wondered if there’s more to life than the repetitive hamster wheel… this book has a powerful and refreshing new look at how we can change that!
This book has changed my life by showing me how to live with more flow, ease and fulfillment. It also reveals how important it is for us each to live authentically.
I strongly encourage you to read every page of this book to discover our role in changing our thinking, perspective and consciousness to improve our own personal lives, as well as life for all on the planet. Peter Matthies has provided an important map to guide us into and through these timely and necessary changes."

Johannes May
CEO, Swiss Property AG

"Plan BE is a groundbreaking book that takes us on a transformative journey towards a new paradigm of success. In a world where the traditional approach often leads to exhaustion and burnout, Plan BE offers an alternative pathway that allows individuals to thrive and flourish while staying true to their authentic selves.
Plan BE is not simply a how-to book; it is a revelation that opens up a room of satisfaction, inner power, and a solution that many of us have sensed but struggled to access. With its profound insights and practical guidance, Plan BE paves the way for a more fulfilling and purposeful life, both individually and collectively. It is a must-read for anyone seeking a new way of approaching success and unlocking their full potential."

Diane Carazas
Executive Board Member & Regional Director Latin America, CARE

"The new model for success that Matthies describes is the gateway to possibility. Plan BE offered hope to my unhappiness while offering me the tools to embrace my unique strengths. The knowing of who I am here to be allows for an authenticity that helps to set me apart.
I am filled with gratitude for being exposed to Plan BE and its concepts. I come away committed to working with others on co-creating the new operating system through consciousness and where my authentic gifts inspire abundance and joy.
For me, Plan BE gives me the tools to the life of abundance that is intended for us all."

Bill Sechrest
Attorney, Entrepreneur, Author

"In this new era in which vibration, sound and light are producing new ways of being, we human beings have the potential to actualize a new way of being for ourselves collectively and each of us individually.
This book invites you to embark on a new kind of journey; a way to actualize your Authentic Self. A new way of being consistent with the vibration that you are."

Paty Shives
Global HR Leader & Executive Coach

“The simple, yet powerful concepts Peter brings forth in Plan BE provide the wisdom needed in this exact point in time to help individuals recognize that we hold the power to transform ourselves, our families, our businesses and communities to confidently tackle the complex challenges in our daily lives.
As a global business leader and certified executive coach, I often searched for ways to expand individual coaching concepts beyond the individual to resonate with teams and organizations. After adopting Peter’s concepts and witnessing the ensuing transformation they brought, I believe passionately that by embracing these concepts in all areas of life it is possible to transcend the perceived boundaries of all relationships. Peter has a magical yet practical way of delivering the concepts in this book.”

Adam C Hall

Author of the Divine Genius, Earthkeeper, Abundance and Miracles. CEO of The Genius Studio

"Plan BE offers big and practical solutions to bring balance to everyday work life challenges. Peter Matthies shares years of his own personal experiences, research and on the ground training to make accessible what otherwise can remain hidden until a crisis strikes. I highly recommend this book as a guide to the future.
Searching for purpose, meaning or true wealth? Plan BE delivers a pathway to your health, happiness and inner peace. Peter Matthies is a business Sage that can save you from endlessly searching to discover your true calling. This book could very well save you lifetimes of struggles and inner loneliness. If you read one book in the coming year, make sure it’s Plan BE!

About Peter Matthies

“I deeply believe that the most impactful gift we can give to someone is to see them at the level of their soul. When that happens, everything changes – allowing that person to expand to a level of energy, clarity and purpose that has the power to transform the world. 

In Plan BE, my intention is to provide the space, the insights, and the pathway to access that inherent energy and power so that you can create the life and the impact you’re here to create – and we can collectively make the changes our world needs.”

The Other Stuff

I’m a former Venture Capitalist, software entrepreneur, and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). Before founding CBI, I served as Principal of a globally leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, Apax Partners, and for b-business partners, a $1 billion pan-European VC fund.

I founded the Conscious Business Institute in 2005 after receiving an insight on plane from New York to Charlotte. We provide a measurable, scalable, academically validated system for transforming organizations of any size. 

Our programs have reached more than 60,000 professionals in organizations from 1 to 150,000 employees on five continents. 

I co-founded two IT companies and published several dozen articles on business, leadership, martial arts, and technology. I’m grateful for the individuals that trust me to be a fellow of the World Business Academy, member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and board member of various organizations.

When at home in Santa Barbara, I get a kick out of Aikido, Capoeira, sailing, and a good dance with my wife, Rosalina.

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